King Of Da Bama: Alabama’s Last Hope!

King Of Da Bama in deep thought about his next move to take over the game.

King Of Da Bama in deep thought about his next move to take over the game.

I had the pleasure of sitting and chopping it up with the  hip hop artist known as King Of Da Bama. To say the least, he definitely deserves the attention of the masses. Not only because he makes some really dope music, but because his grind, ambition, and over all positive vibe are something to reckon with. King Of Da Bama took time out  of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for the fans and to drop a few tips and advice for the artist that are looking for some guidance. Check out the interview below and see what K.O.D.B a.k.a King Of Da Bama had to say.


Hey man it’s definitely a privilege  to be able to chop it up with you for a quick second. I know that you have a busy schedule so I want keep you for too long bro.  Okay, So first thing first, can you give a brief history of where you are from and how long you have been doing music?

Whats good bro I’m from a small town in Alabama, Smiths station/Motts I’ve been doing music since I was about 13 years old.King of Da Bama dropping knowledgeHow did you come up with the name King Of The Bama?

Well actually  I used to start all my verses ” King of da bama ayeeee” and it actually just stuck.


What is the main obstacle that you have faced as an independent artist, and how did you overcome it?

Really just actually getting the people to listen to your music, I overcame it by demanding support, being active in my community, doing block parties, and buying Billboards because the people won’t take you serious until you take yourself serious.

King Of Da Bama Billboard

King Of Da Bama Billboard

 That’s some great advice bro. So, what  lesson did you take from the situation ?  

To invest in my craft.

There are a lot of people young and old that love music  and want to become an artist, but don’t necessarily know how to get into the game.  Much more importantly, when they start to make a little buzz, they don’t know how to stay relevant. What advice do you have for the new comers in the game right now about these  subjects?

My advice is to stay consistent! Music doesn’t have a time limit and most importantly its more to it than just music! You have to be active in your community.

 Okay, another question, how important is it to have a strategy and  goals when it comes to having a successful career in  the entertainment  business?

Its very important. A lot of times I see artist dropping more music than their  fans demand.  My strategy is to drop just enough music to hold the fans until they want more.

What is your definition of success and can you give an example?

There is no right or wrong answer to this, its up to what you’re trying to achieve. I wanted to be a person to bring change to my community, be someone the kids look up too and I definitely think I’m successful in what I was trying to do for my community.

What is King Of Da Bama working on right now?

Alabama’s Last Hope is available now on Spinrilla, I have Vol 2 on the way, and I have the free Montana tape on the way. The whole MGE is working.


What can we look forward to in the future, and how can the fans find your music and social media?

Look forward to seeing more visuals, new music and I’m also working on an DVD.

Pandora: Kingofdabama

All social media outlets @kingofdabama

Well ASD family, I hope you guys enjoyed that interview, with King Of Da Bama. Be on the look out for more of these exclusive interviews in the near future. It would be dope to hear back from you to see what you think and even who you would like ASD to interview  next. Also, If you would like to be an ASD featured artist and let Addictive Soundz Digital help you reach more fans, click here. Until next time keep grinding and feeding your addiction. Your addiction to music that is. #Addictive

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  • Phamous faces

    Salute #KODB . I’m from Alabama and big homie been putting on for a long time now . His work ethic stands him out from the rest . #334

    • Mr. Magnyphacent

      Yea he definitely has been going hard. Bro definitely about to blow real soon! Appreciate the feedback !!

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