Frequently Asked Questions

What are your licensing terms?

For a detailed description of each license click the Licensing button in the menu or (Click Here).

What other services do you offer?

We also offer vocal production services for artist that require a male or female voice in their song. Services range from backgrounds, hooks, and full songs. Please email Addictive Soundz Digital for  further inquiry.

How are beats sent after purchasing?

You will be forwarded to a download page that has a instant download after purchase is completed. You will receive a email confirmation of payment to your email also.

Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final once your order has been delivered.

Does Exclusive mean that I own full rights to the music?

No, an Exclusive license is exactly what it implies. It is only a license to use copyrighted music  that still belongs to the copyright holder  Queres “Mr. Magnyphacent” Walker. If you purchase an Exclusive license,  you have the unlimited rights to use the music on all platforms available to the public. This license option will no longer be available for purchase along with any other lower level licenses.  If you would like to negotiate a buyout of copyrights to any music in the catalog then email Addictive Soundz Digital for Terms and Conditions (Click Here).

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