Drake and Eminem Beef Update!!

Drake Says Eminem is “The Greatest Rapper To Ever Get On The Microphone!”

Drake is a strategical genius when it comes to this entertainment business! I think he is showing us artist and producers the blueprint of how to capitalize off of the publicity that you receive and how to be a better artist in general.  Whether it be good or bad, Drake will turn the situation in his favor, as he has proved once again. If you can recall, he to down Meek Mill with ease, and when Joe Budden came after him, he waited, planned and executed flawlessly. Now, in those situations, the average man would probably take it to the streets and effectively end his career himself, but a superstar will play the game like it’s chess not checkers. Simply put, if you want to step your game up and be a better artist, take notes from Drake. Big up to Drake for standing his ground, humbling himself and playing the game like a pro. #Addicitve

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