5 Tips to be a Better Independent Music Artist

As an  independent music artist,  some of your  main goals are probably to make lots of money, get a nice house, have the latest fashion  or just to make great music and get recognized for it. Am I correct? Exactly lol. The thing is  that you can’t make any of that happen without a solid game plan and a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. So I took the liberty of dropping so gems on you that I feel will help your career advance to the next level ya dig. Let’s get started with 5 steps to success for independent artist.

  1. PRESENT QUALITY MATERIAL. It goes without saying that you should always put out quality product and music, but I’m going to say it anyway..QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. If you have a smash hit, but the cover art is terrible, then odds are that it’ll  get looked over. If you have some crazy space age visuals, dope beats, but your music sounds like it was recorded in a garage, then you might not get those clicks you need to go viral. Please make sure before you release that single , video, cover art or anything dealing with your brand that it is up to par with the heavy hitters in the game. Nowadays everything you need to complete a project is easily accessible. For example, if you need cover art  graphics for cheap, fast and of good quality , visit Fiverr.com. They have designers that will make you a cover for as low as $5. You can’t beat that with a stick. this leads to the next tip.
  2. INVEST IN YOUR BRAND.  Ask yourself the question, If I’m not willing to invest in myself, why on Earth would anyone else want to?  Let’s face it, 90% of us have very bad spending habits. Most of the time it’s focused on things that are either harmful to our bodies or are making the next woman/man crazy rich. Its okay to have nice things and treat yourself every once in awhile, but take some of that liquor , strip club, or clothes money and put it into your projects. Trust me, it will definitely pay off in the long run.
  3. USE VIRAL AD MARKETING. Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, and IG amongst all of the other social platforms we use now offer ad placements that are actually pretty cheap considering. If done the right way, you will recoup your investment ten fold. Try this link to get you started on your research on how to use ads to gain a bigger following : “What you need to know about online marketing”
  4. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Yea I know what you’re thinking, “who in the hell wants to do homework when I can be banging out these hits in the studio”? Well, my friend I’m here to tell you, if you don’t stay on top of your competition, the latest trends in the music business, and how they are applying the things mentioned above to advance their careers, then you are bound to be going nowhere fast. Just find someone you look up to as an artist, look at their interviews, read their biography and take what you need to help propel your movement. Here’s a link to advice from a legend in the game giving advice : “Beyonce’s Top 10 Rules for Success”
  5. HAVE A PLAN. I think this one tip is the most important of all. As independent music artist, we get excited about sharing our art with the world, and sometimes in the moment, we jump the gun and start a journey without knowing our next step. This can be devastating to your career and may cause you to lose a large portion of your fan base and no one can afford that. So be calculating, write the plan out and set goals. This can’t be ignored or you will eventually piss everyone off who is behind you, crash and burn. It also shows a lack of direction and inconsistency. So be patient and take the necessary steps so that when you do drop that heat, you can keep that momentum going and blast off to that next level.

And that’s my 5 tips on how to build your fan base. There are many more tips and even personal experiences I would like to share with you guys so stay in touch, leave, comments and share this with your friends so that we can all grow together. Peace #Addictive


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